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Protect Your Affiliate Links Did you know how easy it is for someone to hijack your affiliate commissions? If you're promoting affiliate links without hiding your affiliate details, then all a potential thief has to do is replace your affiliate ID with his own ID while making a purchase. He gets the commission, and you get absolutely nothing! Don't let this happen to you. Protect your links now.
With EzLinkCloaker.com you can prevent affiliate theft by making use of our affiliate link cloaker tool. Instead of revealing affiliate links in a long and ugly format like this..
With EzLinkCloaker you can hide everything and show a more natural, professional link like this:
With our user-friendly link cloaking tool, you can do URL cloaking easily even if you have zero technical skills or programming knowledge.
Cloak Unlimited Affiliate Links So to prevent loss or stolen affiliate commissions.
Track Unlimited Affiliate Links Get insight into the amount of clicks your links are receiving and where exactly those clicks are coming from
No More Affiliate Link Hijacking No one can replace your affiliate ID with their own because it's not shown in the link you give them. This protects your affiliate commissions by making the affiliate ID less visible and makes the link more visually appealing to visitors.
No More Affiliate Link Bypassing People won't be confused by your affiliate links and can't chop off the affiliate id.
Private Label Unlike some cloaker tools, No ads will display when someone clicks your cloaked links, Only your website will show.
No Software To Download You will get instant access to the link cloaker tool in the members area so there's no JavaScript to screw up and everyone makes it to the sales page
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