Ez Link Cloaker
Ez Link Cloaker
Ez Link Cloaker
How It Works - Let's say you are promoting a Clickbank product. You will have a hoplink that looks something like this:
https://payingsocialmediajobs.com/funnel / job-quiz / job-quiz/?hop=ezlccom
Let's say I decide to buy this product after reading your solo ad or viewing your pitch page and I see your uncloaked hoplink. I simply change "?hop=ezlccom" to "?hop=myID", paste the url in my browser and buy the product. Because I bought it through my hoplink instead of yours, I get credited for the commission instead of you! You have just been robbed!
Now, let's say I was proactive and cloaked my affiliate link so it looked like this instead:
In the above example you can not tell what my affiliate link is can you? Give it a try, click the link to see how our service works. Not only do we cloak your link we also encrypt the source code so if someone trys to find your hoplink by viewing the source code of the above example and figuring out where it actually redirects to they can't! Now nothing is 100% foolproof but we feel that our service does the best job of protecting your affiliate links. Cloak your affiliate link now
Let's talk about ad tracking. Do you advertise the same url over and over again in multiple advertising sites, traffic exchanges or text ad exchanges? Do you know which one is getting the most clicks without logging into each and every exchange you're advertising on to check your clickthroughs? Why not make it easy on yourself? With our service you can create multiple campaigns for the same destination url. So you can cloak the same link multiple times and get a unique short url for each one. Simply name the campaign so you know what it's for - example: Traffic Swarm, Text Ad Profits etc etc. Now when you login to your Ez Link Cloaker account you will see all your campaigns and detailed stats for all of your links right away.
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