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The new standard of shortening links. Manage your links like a pro. Share your short links on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, emails, SMS, videos, or anywhere else you want to share them. Provides free URL shortener service with many features that gives you better quality for links shortening. Shortened URLs will never expire. We do not display ads during direct redirecting to the original url.

Track Unlimited Links

Track each shortened link. Do you advertise the same url over and over again in multiple advertising sites, traffic exchanges or text ad exchanges? Do you know which one is getting the most clicks without logging into each and every exchange you're advertising on to check your clickthroughs? Why not make it easy on yourself? With our service you can create multiple campaigns for the same destination url. So you can shorten the same link multiple times and get a unique short url for each one. Simply name the campaign so you know what it's for - example: Traffic Swarm, Text Ad Profits etc etc. Now when you login to your Ez Link Cloaker account you will see all your campaigns and detailed stats for all of your links right away.

No More Link Hijacking

No one can replace your affiliate ID with their own because it's not shown in the link you give them

No More Link Bypassing

People won't be confused by your affiliate links and can't chop off the affiliate id.

Private Label - No Ads

Unlike some link shortener tools, No ads will display when someone clicks your shorten links, Only your website will show.

No Software To Download

You will get instant access to the link shortening tool in the members area so there's no JavaScript to screw up and everyone makes it to the sales page